If anybody ‘gets’ the supply side challenges our clients face, it’s us. At Connect4, we offer robust and proven services to overcome your supply chain and production issues. We have developed an extensive global network of vendors, utilize proprietary data sources, strategically stock critical items in our warehouses and use unique sourcing techniques to overcome your manufacturing obstacles, allowing your operations to run more efficiently and predictably. We operate a lean business philosophy, with us, you work directly with the principals assuring that your success is our number one priority.


    Smart purchasing techniques, such as a kitting program, reduce total acquisition costs by applying appropriate in-house and 3rd party resources commensurate with the added value the purchased material creates. Using Connect4’s Kitting and Vendor consolidation service optimizes key supply chain metrics of service, reliability of supply, sourcing economy and inventory turns.


    Every component and process step in your product delivery cycle has the potential to become the next critical challenge. Let the breadth and depth of Connect4’s sourcing experience and expertise be part of your supply chain solution.

    In an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace, maintaining a cost sensitive and reliable flow of materials you need to deliver your product is a continuous challenge to say the least. Connect4 Technologies leverages its global network on your behalf, keeping ahead of volatile supply and demand fluctuations. With our extensive experience in the electronics and IT hardware fields, we usually know which parts will be problematic and we can offer the best alternative course of action to keep your business on plan.


    Volatility and uncertainty rule the manufacturing business landscape. Demand changes and shortening product lifecycles mean no company can afford to leave unused assets stock-piled in warehouses and consuming scarce business resources. Connect4 Technologies provides significant value recovery options either through our proprietary global buy-sell network, or our customized innovative inventory solutions. Just ask us how!


    There are many small assembly steps necessary to complete complex technology products. Connect4 offers customized value added assembly services that your eliminate production bottle necks, free up valuable in-house production space and resources, and remove activities that do not fit your standard processes. Other services offered include sub assembly builds (fans, power supply etc.), wire and harness builds and miscellaneous build kits, to name but a few.


Leveraging our global network of Vendors
enables the resolution of many supply
chain challenges including cost reduction,
shortage resolution, long lead time
issues, MPQ/MOQ barriers
and legacy support.


Acquisition and Administration costs
are growing as supply chain complexity
and volatility increases,
Connect4 offers Kitting and
Kanban services customized
to your demand.


Sales forecasts and Customer demand are
never perfect and combined with
engineering change and technological
this inevitably results
in overbuys, slow moving items
and dead inventory.


We can find, source, or have a contact to get you the part you need.